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INFOGRAPHIC - IT Cheat Sheet. Information Technology Shortcuts and Helpful Codes

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I don't know about you but I got papers stapled and taped all over my walls.  I've even painted the walls in my office with a coating so it mimics a dry erase board.

So I also write all over the walls too with ideas, IBM motherboard error codes I can never seem to remember, Cisco router debug codes, IP subnet tables and even some Photoshop keyboard shortcuts when I have to write up a whitepaper or Powerpoint for the bosses.

My point is that there's a ton of things to remember that I just can't fit in my head sometimes.  So we made up an IT industry cheat sheet of some common things that might not be everyday stuff you need to remember but it's useful enough to hang this on your wall and rip down some of those old articles from your walls.

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IT cheat sheet
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