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Infographic: The IT Operations Seismic Shift Can't Be Stopped

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Remember Nick Burns, the IT computer guy SNL skit?

His issue was that computer users in his company were beneath him and he was the only one who knew how to get anything done.

Worked great for the IT help desk guy back in the day (90's?) but today things evolve and grow much faster and it gets harder and harder to keep up.

A seismic shift is underway in the IT operations profession. Yesterday, companies viewed IT operations only as a cost center. The scope of IT operations was narrowly defined as managing components. As a back-office function, IT was reactive to business needs, not proactive or innovative.

Today, IT operations have moved to the forefront. Applications are used to run nearly every aspect of the business, from supply chain to sales. Forward-thinking IT executives have shifted to running IT as a business: do more with less, instantly respond to business demands, and ramp capacity up or down at a moment’s notice.

Their focus is on meeting operational service levels and accelerating performance – not simply managing IT components.

Traditional IT operations software struggles to keep up with today’s IT environments, which are increasingly hybrid, heterogeneous, and high volume. These tools often rely on workarounds to manage multiple OS and apps, can’t handle spikes in demand, and are slow to scale.

As a result, IT operations face over-provisioning, unmet SLAs, and catastrophic failures costing thousands if not millions. IT executives are no longer willing to be locked into contracts for outdated, complex tools in sprawling product suites.

They want best-in-class solutions for IT automation, performance and analytics.

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INFOGRAPHIC - The IT Operations Seismic Shift Can't Be Stopped
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Tech Seismic Shift Infographic

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