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Sysload SP Portal

Infrastructure Capacity Management

Sysload SP Portal is a dashboard reporting tool that provides the visibility you need to make informed performance and capacity management decisions to optimize current resource utilization and plan for future requirements.

Highly granular performance data collected by Sysload’s unique distributed architecture is processed by SP Portal to generate standard and custom IT utilization reports. With customizable dashboards, rapidly create tailored reports using smart widgets and templates in a drag and drop environment. Powerful forecasting and modelling, including ‘what-if’ simulation, allow you to determine the impact of planned changes.

SP Portal helps you to continuously realize the maximum return on investments from your infrastructure, insuring resource capacity is optimally aligned to business requirements.



  • Reduce operating and capital expenditure costs
  • Enhance visibility of IT performance
  • Improve accountability when reporting on service level delivery 
  • Optimize timing of server upgrades
  • Increase alignment of key business and IT stakeholders
  • Application Reporting  Determine application utilization on an enterprise-wide basis by grouping and consolidating individual process utilization
  • Customizable  Dashboards   Create new performance views using embedded widgets such as graphs, pie charts and gauges to display infrastructure performance
  • Health Checks –  Report the status of physical and virtual infrastructures, highlighting service risks induced by over-utilized or unavailable servers
  • Capacity Planning  Anticipate future resource requirements with comprehensive forecasting functions including projections and baselines
  • VM Optimization  Address triage problems with large number of VMs and easily identify worst-served images on individual hosts or clusters
  • Lean Six Sigma  Support continuous improvement processes with reports designed to identify wasted resources or fix devices at risk
  • Simulation  Model virtual, physical or application workload placement on existing infrastructure to determine the impact of log-term changes
  • Third-Party Integration – Leverage Web Service APIs to enable easy access to all Sysload performance data or reports from an enterprise portal


SP Portal System SP Portal Pie Graphs

SP Portal summarizes average maximum disk
utilization for enterprise servers over a
month period

SP Portal provides summary view of VM utilization
across frames and drill down details
for individual LPARs

SP Portal System SP Portal Modeling

SP Portal System Health offers enterprise
visibility when tracking server performance,
utilization and availability

SP Portal’s Decision Quadrant report analyzes
performance and utilization of enterprise server
over a 30 day period.