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Sysload SP Studio

Monitor Everything Everywhere

Sysload SP Studio is a unique performance monitoring tool that gives you global visibility over infrastructure and business activities by simple integration of your customized metrics.

It provides you with complete control of disparate monitoring scripts, centralizing and standardizing the process of allocating performance indicators.

SP Studio expands data collection for the entire physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure, delivering transparency and improving team productivity.



  • Get enhanced visibility, provide business metrics on top of technical metrics.
  • Save time and money, consolidate and standardize hundreds of customized monitoring scripts.
  • Get fast results, import and reuse your existing monitoring scripts.
  • Better serve internal and external customers with performance monitoring as a service catalog.
  • Metric Editor- Easily creates customized metrics by linking metric definitions and user scripts within a graphical editor.
  • Package Generator- Encapsulates collection engine, metric definition and monitoring scripts in a single, versioned package featuring silent installation.
  • Central Repository- Maintains a central repository of metrics definition, monitoring scripts and packages that can be shared between multiple users.
  • Real Time Metrics- Collects and displays metrics in real time by scheduling monitoring scripts on user-defined intervals.
  • Historic Metrics- Stores all metric data in the embedded database and  replays metrics activity with a range from a few minutes to several months.
  • Event Remediation- Manages warnings and alerts, defining user thresholds on any metric and user-defined recovery action.
  • Capacity Trending- Determines mid and long-term metrics evolution and dynamically raises an alert on specific trend detection.
  • Third-Party Integration- Web Service APIs provide easy access to all  the metric data for integrating information in external tools.


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