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Sysload SP Monitor

Service Availability Monitoring

Sysload SP Monitor is specifically designed for event management and service availability monitoring.

It provides real-time management of infrastructure events while correlating their impact on the availability of applications or services delivered.

SP Monitor helps organizations ensure that an incident’s root cause is detected instantaneously, enabling operations to have full service availability awareness.



  • Better support business activities by accurately monitoring operational processes.
  • Provide global and real time-visibility to ensure service levels are met.
  • Increase service availability by reducing time to solve. Incidents and automated recovery actions.
  • Reduce time spent on event flows using efficient filtering rules.
  • Event Management- Receive in real-time and build a full event history   acquired from various sources (SP Analyst, SNMP, scripts …).
  • Event Correlation- Reduce event number through efficient filtering based on user-definable rules, calendars and templates.
  • Event Remediation- Define recovery actions on noticeable events like launching a script, sending an email, acknowledging another event.
  • Dashboards- Create real-time dashboards with multiple points of view for  displaying the information system status.
  • Service Modeling- Model impact of incoming events on critical service availability with customizable rules, calendars and templates.
  • Service Level Management- Keep track of service availability over time and report service-breach status on any period by configuring user-defined SLAs.
  • Script Automation- Automate embedded or user-defined scripts for checking resource availability (ping, portscan, smtp, snmp, url check …).
  • Third-Party Integration- Web Service APIs provide easy access to all the data or reports for integrating information in an enterprise portal.


SP Monitor Screenshot

SP Monitor automates user- defined scripts in order to check the availability of various system information resources. With SP Monitor, you’ll get global visibility and fast results, leveraging any existing monitoring investment.