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Workload Automation with Dollar Universe

Accelerate the IT processes that drive your business 


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White Paper: “EMA Radar for Workload Automation (WLA): Q2 2012


ORSYP Dollar Universe accelerates IT service delivery by automating and scheduling your business application workload.

As you transition from legacy batch job scheduling to automating workload in an on-demand, hybrid computing world, you need real-time monitoring to manage dynamic processing demands and changing conditions.

Dollar Universe gives you enterprise-wide visibility and end-to-end control of your business-critical application workload.

  • Compress time with a unique distributed architecture that delivers scalability, performance and agility
  • Simplify the way you create and control workload and gain business views of your IT processes
  • Improve customer response times and IT resource utilization with real-time, event-driven automation
  • Reduce resolution times with proactive intervention and remediation of problems
  • Get the best out of your existing assets through seamless integration of applications and systems

Dollar Universe insures users get up-to-date information, fewer errors and swifter resolution times. Increase staff productivity and fully audit IT processes, while leveraging an architecture that will grow with your business.



Reduce batch window by up to 50%

  • Removing delays and eliminating errors from IT processes creates time.

Increase accuracy in management reporting

  • Timely delivery of business information enables better decision making.

Comply with IT Audit and Sarbanes-Oxley

  • Tracking and reporting all processing activity reduces risk of failing an IT audit.

Reduce mean time to repair by 40%

  • Real-time alerting and centralized management saves time when investigating and resolving issues.

Simplify IT Operations management

  • Enterprise visibility of IT workload makes access to runbooks, notes and automated documentation easy.

Cloud-ready architecture

  • Future proof automation platform delivers agility and scalability to automate IT workload in the Cloud

Low latency, highly scalable platform

  • Distributed management architecture compresses batch run times and supports unlimited servers.

Business application integration

  • Integrate workload spanning ERP, CRM, DW/BI with ftp, scripting, IT tasks and other processing.

Cross platform operating system coverage

  • Schedule jobs executing across on-premises, virtualized and cloud environments.

Advanced security & comprehensive audit

  • Secure configuration, admin and management of IT processes with automated documentation and detailed activity logging.

Easy-to-use, intuitive interface

  • Unified view across enterprise gives 100% visibility and control of IT workload.

Dynamic workload management

  • Event-triggered automation, parallel processing and workload balancing optimizes throughput against SLA goals.

Customer Testimonies

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 ING Direct





“If processing were not automated, we would surely need to double our headcount in production so as to handle all of the file transfers we need to perform every day. By automating these data flows wherever possible, we optimize availability of data while minimizing the chance of human error. ORSYP is essential to the smooth running of our IT Operations.”
                  ING Direct (France) 

“ORSYP standardized processes and defined procedures enabling error free execution of batch jobs and we have witnessed a significant improvement in operational productivity. Daily, monthly and other analyses are available without delay.”  
                      Sunrise (Suisse)


“Our IT operations team is made up of four people. It is essential that we focus on important issues and reduce the time spent on managing and monitoring applications. With ORSYP, IT operations is more reliable and runs continuously with no need for manual intervention.”  
                    Selmer (France)