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Server Performance Monitoring for IBM AIX

When your user community complains about system performance it’s already too late!


What's the next step?

White Paper: “Getting Under the Hood of IBM POWER


It’s time to take a pro-active and pre-emptive approach to managing the performance of your IBM AIX and POWER VM servers. Learn the truth about what is happening right now, yesterday or even six months ago. Enable thresholds to warn you of impending performance issues and take action first – before the user feels the pain.


Sysload increases visibility and control over your IBM POWER infrastructure with real-time server performance monitoring and deep insight to system capacity utilization - ensuring continuous availability, rapid response to system issues and saving hundreds of man hours compared to traditional monitoring.


The Sysload solution from ORSYP Software offers:

  • “Replay” of incidents to dramatically reduce root cause analysis time and MTTR
  • Deep visibility and correlation of hundreds of metrics
    and with 5 second granularity
  • Long term performance history and trending
  • Complete IBM POWER visibility:
    • Physical Server (though HMC), LPARs, WPARs,
    • Hypervisor dedicated metrics (ent, entc, physc,
      app, …)
    • Drill-down to individual processes and application
      usage metrics