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Service Levels

Software Maintenance
Customer relationship management
Personalized access to the ORSYP Customer Service portal
"Basics" e-learning  sessions
Regular Customer Service information
Customer satisfaction surveys
Dedicated service contact : Technical Account Manager
Designated point of contact responsible for ORSYP operational engagements
Proactive knowledge management of the Customer environment
ORSYP Services governance and operational management (reporting, scheduled reviews, etc.)
TAM visits to Customer premises (up 2 annually)
Annual Customer visit to ORSYP headquarters
ORSYP Software solution innovation
Provision of latest software updates with associated documentation
Personalized versions level recommendations
Customized recommendations on installation procedures
Access to the "Early Adopter" program
Analysis and recording of the product enhancement
Product enhancement request follow-up
ORSYP Software solution continuous improvement
Provision of standard corrections for ORSYP software solutions
Personalized recommendations on the implementation of corrections and the settings  
Information about known errors of ORSYP software solutions
License keys management
Provision of license keys on the ORSYP Customer Service portal
Technical Support
On-line technical help (Knowledge DB, FAQ, etc.)
Access to the technical forum for Sysload and Unijob
Remote service to resolve technical incident cases
Standard SLA for Incident resolution (Time to resolve : 24h for P0, 168h for P1)
Platinum SLA for Incident resolution (Time to resolve : 6h for P0, 48h for P1)
Proactive escalation management with appropriate communication plan
Systematic problem analysis for P0 incidents
Systematic problem analysis for P1 incidents
Provision of customized corrections for ORSYP Software Solutions
Annual proactive audit for Dollar Universe
Functional Support
On-line help with the functional forum
Relationships with ORSYP Professional Services functional experts
Languages spoken
Services provided in 24*7
English, French  
Services provided during business hours on the local zone
English, French, German, Italian,
Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese